Making sense with data

Quanttlan is a data science practice and training consultancy. We provide solutions for various industries interested in making use of machine learning techniques, making sense with data.

What We Do

Data Science Training and Embedding

We help to create expert in-house capability through training. We also support embedding data science culture in your organisation.

Data Strategy

We help build your data strategy to automate and improve your business operations, including the implementation machine learning into your operations.

Innovate & Experiment

We use data science and machine learning together with agile prototyping to test new ideas and guide your business.

About Us

Quanttlan was created by J Rogel. I am a physicist working as a data science consultant.

Solving scientific and business problems is my main driver and I am interested in the application of rigorous mathematical techniques in combination supported by the right tech stack.

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If you’re feeling curious, I’m also on Twitter as Quantum_Tunnel and Dt_Science and in GitHub.

On Data Science


If the machine can learn, so can we!

I’m J Rogel, a physicist interested in the application of data science to a variety of business problems. I am a keynote speaker, an author and a data science instructor.

I have taught a number of courses for Imperial College LondonUniversity of Hertfordshireand General Assembly including the 11-week Data Science Course, where students learn about building robust predictive models using a variety of machine learning techniques in both Python and R.

Speaking Engagements

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